2014 Honey Bee Season Update

As we welcome the long awaited spring season, and shower our soul with the pleasant weather that we’ve been experiencing recently, I know that many of us grow anxious when it comes to the honey bees, especially if you have been waiting for them for what seems to be a good while.

Brood and bees – 2014 Spring Build up

After visiting all our yards, we thought it would be prudent to provide you with an update. Out of the 225 that went into winter, 207 hives are alive and well; that’s a total loss of 18 hives.  Of course, some colonies are booming, while others are coming along a bit slower, but overall, the great majority of our colonies are doing very, very well, and this gives us the confidence to say that we should be able to meet our commitments to you of having our nucs ready by mid to late May (trying hard for earlier than that).

Our starter/finisher colonies were selected and setup over the weekend now that we’ve confirmed the presence of purple eyed drone brood, which always signals the start time of our initial graft.  This, if all goes as planned, will enable us to start shipping our mated queens the second week of May and thereafter.

Maxine and I greatly appreciate your patronage, we understand you had options to fill your honey bee requirements this season, and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.  Cheers, and although we had having heavy rain, sleet, and snow yesterday, and a cold day today, the wait is almost over.


Charles & Maxine Walter


By Charles Walter on April 16, 2014 · Posted in announcements, beekeeping

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