Russian Honey Bees for Sale

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We want to let you know that we will NO LONGER offer the FREE service of marking our Russian honey bee queens. Industry standard is to charge for this service, but all of these years we’ve done it freely out of the goodness of our hearts until the 2016 season when we caught all kinds of flak from one customer, who claims he could not find his queen despite the evidence of her presence, because she was not marked. I’m still waiting for a picture of the unmarked queen. Sorry, but that’s the end of that.

The international color marking for the 2018 queens is RED.


 We Are Taking Orders for the 2018 Season!!!

To Place an Order please visit our eCommerce site at:

 Walter’s Wholesome Goods is happy to inform you that we are now taking reservations for our 2018 Russian honey bees nucs as well as our queens.  The reservation window will end on January 31, 2018, so please do not wait until last minute.  Please email us  if you’d like to make a reservation.

2016 Nucs bursting with bees.

2016 Nucs bursting with bees.

Here is a description of our 2018 nucs:

The price for each nuc at the date and time of this email has been set to $185.00.

The nuc will be picked up in a one-way cardboard nuc box at no additional cost.

Each 5-frame nuc will have 4 drawn frames with bees, were at a very minimum 2 of those frames will be brood, and a 5th frame of foundation. Please note that all frames are standard Langsthroth deeps by default, unless prior arrangements have been made for medium frames.

The nuc will be headed by a healthy open-mated Russian queen honey bee, already established and accepted in the nuc.

Our queens are NO LONGER marked by default, as we stated earlier.  We do not clip our queens, but we can provide the service for an additional $5.00 per queen.

What we cannot guarantee is any statement of health, other than what the bee inspection report states, nor can we claim that our bees will be 100% free of pest hitchhikers; however your success as a beekeeper matters to us. Proper management, including placement, feeding, forage, and bee care can improve your colony success. You must keep in mind that we are dealing with nature, so if weather permits we intend to have the nucs and queens ready by mid to late May.

Our 2018 price for our open mated Russian queens is $40.00 per queen + shipping.

Marked mated Russian honey bee queen (2016)

Marked mated Russian honey bee queen (2016)

Please contact us at your convenience with any questions that you may have, and to make a firm reservation on the quantity of nucs with type of frames, and/or additional queens you will need this coming season.

Thanks again for choosing Walter’s Wholesome Goods as your provider of nucs and queens for your beekeeping projects in 2018.