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At Walters Wholesome Goods, we are committed to a sustainable approach to all of our endeavors. Whether it be vegetable or flower gardening, beekeeping, raising singer canaries, etc. … our approach is the same, perform each task with minimal long-term effect on the environment. As we look at our polluted water, decimated forests and depleted soil we realize that somehow a collective change in our approach should occur.

We are happy to see this change slowly take place as organic food demands increase. However, more is needed, as we see the Agri-Chemical giants flood the earth with GMOs and chemical dependent crops. There will always be repercussions due to the way we treat the natural world. Although most of the damage is irreversible, we will do our best to continue on this track of creating balance … as long as we remain on this earth, awaiting the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

“Without husbandry, “soil science” too easily ignores the community of creatures that live in and from that make and are made by, the soil. Similarly, “animal science” without husbandry forgets, almost as a requirement, the sympathy by which we recognize ourselves as fellow creatures of the animals.” Wendell Berry

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  • Our Harvest

  • Walter’s Wholesome Goods Honey is harvested from our Apiaries throughout Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the nutrients are preserved. Eat as is, or add a burst of sweet flavor to your tea,include on breads & cereals, add to your favorite dishes … enjoy !!!
  • Bees for Sale

    Walter's Wholesome Goods apiaries are comprised of 100% Russian honey bees released by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA. Our out-apiaries are located across the region, spanning from West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia.

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    Status on the 2017 Nuc Season

    Written On May 8th, 2017
    Written By Charles Walter

    Greetings my seasoned and aspiring fellow beekeepers. It has been a while since I’ve formally reached out to you with a communication regarding the 2017 nucs. This year truly has been a wild season to say the least. Warm spells, cold spells, rain, hail and snow, etc., you name it we’ve had it this year. […]

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