The Bees are Buzzing

Beautiful Winter Cluster

As you already know, this season has been very mild, one of the mildest winters we have experienced in this area, We are not sure if it is a good or bad thing when it comes to our bees and the natural resources we depend on for their survival. Some orchard owners have reported that their peaches are already in blossom, so if we get a late frost, it may be devastating for farming and beekeeping.

In our informal inspections we can see the bees expanding and consuming their stores, earlier and at a faster rate than previous years. Their appearance is great and so far losses are less than 5%. Our overwintered nucs are bursting at the seam, so to speak. We have been feeding pollen substitute for a while now, and just recently started feeding 1:1 syrup.

The way the bees are looking we anticipate that we will be on schedule for production and delivery of spring nuclei colonies, as well as our locally raised and adapted Russian queen honey bees. By the looks of the season so far, we will have our honey supers ready to go on at least 2-3 weeks earlier this year. Based on actual observation of nature and the early blooms and blossoms, we expect to have a great nectar flow if we get the rain in a timely manner.

Remember to take some time on a pleasant day and open your hive and perform an inspection to evaluate and know what your bees are doing, where they should be, and what can you do to help them get where they should be. Know how many frames of bees you have as well as brood. Know quantity and quality, and always keep an eye on the weather extended forecast, and plan accordingly.

Overwintered 5 frame nuc.

As soon as the state inspector pays us a visit, overwintered nucs will be available for pickup, keep an eye open for a notice on this shortly. There is still time to reserve your 2012 nucs and queens, give us a call at 304.616.9487 or visit us on the web www.walterswholesomegoods.com keep in mind that orders of 5 queens or more qualify for free shipping.
Until next time,

Charles & Maxine Walter

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  1. Peggy Crusan's Gravatar Peggy Crusan
    March 12, 2012 at 3:29 pm | Permalink

    Sounds great, can’t wait to get my nuc. Have my box all painted and ready to go 🙂
    Thank you.

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