Woodenware … Protecting Your Investment

One of the most expensive initial investments when venturing into beekeeping is the woodenware. Many beginner beekeepers are under the impression that acquiring the bees will be the most costly expenditure, but the bees are easier to get than most imagine, and often times they can be obtained even for free.

1A complete hive set up can cost more than a couple of hundred dollars depending on where it is acquired. For this reason I want to share with you some basic tips to prolong the life of your woodenware. Specifically, bottom boards, hive bodies, honey supers, and lids.

There are several options to choose from to preserve your woodenware. Some may choose to leave the woodenware as is., no paint or treatment whatsoever. While this option may maintain the wood look and feel of the equipment, it definitely ensures the shortest lifespan. This option completely exposes the equipment to the weather and elements. In a few years or less the equipment may be worthless.

Woodenware can be primed and painted, which is what most beekeepers do. This option will add to the life of your equipment, providing some sort of protection against the elements. Painting can also enhance the look/appeal of your old equipment, providing it with a facelift.

Another option available is a wood preservative that is applied to the equipment before any other treatment, including painting. This is the option used at our apiary. The treatment is called ECO WOOD TREATMENT. As stated on their web site, www.ecowoodtreatment.com, it is a unique wood treatment that 2preserves and beautifies wood for a very long time. Eco Wood Treatment gives all wood a high end aged look with just one application, no need to ever re-stain, and no maintenance needed.

It is highly effective and a 100% non-toxic, chemical free product. Eco Wood Treatment is a powder composed of natural substances from minerals. It contains no solvents and leaves no harmful residue in water or soil. It comes in two sizes, one that yields one gallon of the mixture and will cover approximately 150 square feet. or a pack that yields 5 gallons of mixture, and covers approximately 750 square feet. The treatment can be purchased from Walter T. Kelley or ordered online only from the Home Depot with free shipping.

Eco Wood Treatment is the best preservative I have ever used and is very cost effective … less than the price of paint per gallon. Why not give it a try. You will definitely be pleased with the results.

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2 Comments to Woodenware … Protecting Your Investment

  1. krister's Gravatar krister
    March 18, 2013 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

    Hi, This looks like a great alternative to paint.

    It looks like you are dipping the whole hive body into the Eco.

    Do the bees mind that you are coating the inside of the hive?

    I have always left mine bare wood.

    • mwalter's Gravatar mwalter
      April 10, 2013 at 6:59 am | Permalink

      Hello Jonathon, Yes, the whole hive body is dipped into the Eco. The bees don’t seem to notice it and we have not experienced any adverse effects in the last three years of using the product.

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