2013 Russian Nucs and Honey Bee Queens Update


As I sat this morning, March 18, 2013, in my home office typing this message a light snow dusting is falling outside my window, although the weather man

Photo by C. Hewitt March 18, 2013, snow dusting.

Photo by C. Hewitt March 18, 2013, snow dusting.

called for three to four inches of snow for today, we are hoping he is wrong, nevertheless a dusting is still snow and requires low temperature, which brings me to my main focus point.

As promised, we are reaching out to you to provide you with an update and share with you the progress of our 2013 nuc and queen project.  I know that you, as I am, are ready to get this season started and get busy working with these wonderful creatures. Anxiety is setting in, and you would like to have your queen(s) and/or nuc(s) ready, and in your yard.  Trust me when I say this, I do understand the feeling and I can certainly relate to it.

Last week, on Sunday to be exact, we were blessed with such a wonderful spring like day, that enabled us to go through many of our hives, only to discover that our bees were alive and well, healthy, and brooding up magnificently.  On average the hives were on 6-7 frames of bees and brood, and the overwintered nucs were on 2-3 of the five frames as well, which is not bad for Russian bees and this variable weather.  I guess our early stimulation which we started in late February is paying off nicely.  We inspected closely and were not able to find any signs of drone brood being reared, this is crucial for our queen production, since only once we have drones in the pupal purple eye stage we can begin grafting to ensure that by the time the virgin queens reach

Late 2013 winter cluster

Late 2013 winter cluster of Russian bees

sexual maturity, enough mature Russian drones are available at the drone congregation areas (DCA) for mating.

With all that said, in order for you to plan accordingly, we must share with you that our projected “ready date” for our 2013 nucs and queens will have to be moved to mid to late May, due to the uncertainty of the season so far, remember nature is our calendar of which we have no control.  We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product and strive to the best of our abilities to ensure your satisfaction. Under our current weather conditions we are not able to do that. The extended forecast for our area (zip code 25443) is still showing nights in the 30s for the next 10 days, which means that the cluster at night will remain tight and the queen will not expand her laying beyond the cluster area, without risking having the brood chilled.  We do not take bees to the south, so we rely solely on our local weather conditions to mark the start of our season.

We understand that you have a choice in providers, and we thank you very much, and appreciate you

2013 Nuc boxes ready for tenants.

2013 Nuc boxes ready for tenants.

giving us the opportunity to serve you. We will continue to provide updates as necessary. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at your convenience.


Charles & Maxine Walter


2 Comments to 2013 Russian Nucs and Honey Bee Queens Update

  1. Heather Neill's Gravatar Heather Neill
    March 18, 2013 at 6:45 pm | Permalink

    Dear Walter,

    I received your update regarding the “delay” in receiving nucs this year. Not to worry. I have the utmost faith that you and the Good Lord will have my girls ready right on time, and will just sit back and wait for the two of you to work it out together. 🙂

    Take care,


  2. Lori Sieren's Gravatar Lori Sieren
    May 3, 2015 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    I’m just checking in again.
    I have tended to communicate with you from my other email, which is no longer working.
    I am curious how the bees are doing and if you have a sense of the time frame for shipping….?
    Lori Sieren

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