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The latest Russian Nucs news

Update: 2015 Russian Nucs Howdy fellow beekeepers!!! I am sure by now you are as anxious to hear about the nucs as we are to tell you all about them. We’ve firmed up dates for pick up  and shipping of your nucs. You must email us with a date and time that will work for […]

2014 Nuc Progress Update

As the season moves forward, we have received many inquiries about the progress of the nucs and delivery dates. So we decided to send a group update instead of individual emails and hope this answers your concerns. If not, please feel free to contact us. Undoubtedly, this is a great season and hopes are high […]

2014 West Virginia Beekeepers of the Year

From left to right:                                     Charles & Maxine Walter, Eastern Panhandle Judy & Frank Wilhelm, Preston County _________________________________ Charles and Maxine Walter manage about 200+ hives, and run all Russian stock.  Charles has been keeping bees on and […]

Have a Prosperous 2014

Maxine and I want to extend our wishes for a very happy New Year.    I know 2013 was a particularly challenging year for most of us beekeepers. The cold snaps early in the season, lots of rain, and at Walter’s Wholesome Goods, we faced some additional challenges.  But in spite of all of the […]

Propolis aka Bee Glue

The bee, from her industry in the summer, eats honey all the winter. Anon The honey bee continues to amaze me … they pollinate our food crops and flowers, feed on nectar and pollen, make honey and beeswax … and now I find out they have structural engineering skills as well. Beekeepers often open their […]

Beek Bio … Here Comes the Judge

Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but, while their companions slept, they were toiling upward in the night. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The term beekeeper usually refers to a person who keeps honey bees in hives or boxes. Honey bees are not domesticated or controlled, the beekeeper’s job is […]

How to Beegin … Join a Club

“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” Seneca Beekeeping is a very interesting and possibly profitable hobby. Maybe you’ve thought of owning a hive or two. Honey and pollination services are always in demand, maybe you’ve thought of beekeeping as a […]

Bee Buzz

“Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement” Oliver Goldsmith We are thrilled at the interest from friends, family and co-workers … everyone’s buzzing about bees these days. The plight of the honeybee is of great concern as colony collapse disorder (CCD), varroa mites , small hive beetles aethina tumida (SHB) and nosema (apis, […]

In Search of Goldenrod

“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.”  Saint John Chrysostom Our objective was to find an area where the bees could have access to high-altitude Goldenrod for pollen and nectar.  There’s winter food for the bees to think about … and a surplus of […]

Bottling Honey … Glass or Plastic ?

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.  Bill Gates I remember that morning, I was on cloud nine.  The honey was bottled and labeled and Charles and I each took some to work to give to our friends.  And then Eric came to my desk … He picked up a bottle of […]

Bees for Sale

Walter’s Wholesome Goods apiaries are comprised of 100% Russian honey bees released by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA. Our out-apiaries are located across the region, spanning from West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. Learn More

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