I just wanted to let you know that the queen is doing a good job at laying eggs and the bees are happy to have her for their queen. So far I’ve had 100% success with this method of introduction since I started a few years ago. After the brood pattern my next biggest question is the temperament of her offspring. If they are gentle enough along with the mite resistance, she’ll be a real treasure! Thanks again! You are doing a great thing. May God bless the remainder of your summer. ~ Mike, WV   

These bees are so gentle it is amazing. I’ve been into there box a few times, pulled frames to check progress and have not had a bee land on me yet.  ~ Ed, WV     

Your honey comb is so sweet and delicious. I’d never had honeycomb before so I was surprised about the wax, which I found a bit hard to get used to, not sure if I was eating it in the best way or not but next time I might prefer honey, especially if it tastes just as good as the honeycomb and is from local bees.  Maybe its just a wisetale but my hope was that this would help my allergies (they’re still pretty rough this season.)  Anyway, thanks again and keep making great product – it shows! Cheers. ~ Karl, VA     

If available, I would like to increase my June order from 7 to 10 mated queens.  The 5 that I received in May were far superior to others I have purchased and I am very pleased with them.  I am currently making splits to increase the number of colonies heading into the winter to 60 and feel confident in getting there. Thanks so much for providing quality Russian queens! Is there any way go get on next May’s list for 20 more to put in nucs? ~David, NC 

Just wanted to say thank you and WOW – – your honey is delicious and that honeycomb was probably the best I ever had.  I polished it off in record time.  I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks. ~ Mary, VA 

I did receive the beeswax and it has met my expectations. I appreciate the quick turnaround. ~Ian, VA

Thank you, we received the second package, and the honey is delicious. ~ Darius, VA     

The colony is queenright and going strong! ~ James, WV

The 2-oz honey bears were a hit at our team retreat. ~ Gretchen, DC 

I know you are busy. Just wanted to say thank you for bees. Got them in the mail a few days ago. They are in the super and seem to be doing great. Do they need to be fed sugar water at this point? Thank you again. ~ Ed, WV

I received the honey.  Delicious as always. Thanks! ~ Cheréz, VA   

Just an update, the queen was accepted and has a great brood pattern.  Thanks so much. ~ Mary, MD

We got the honey and it is wonderful.  Thank you. ~ Jeremy, VA    

I purchased a nuc from you in 2012. I just wanted to let you know that my bees have thrived through two summers without supplemental feeding or medication. I inspected the hive this weekend, and the original queen is still going strong into her third summer! ~ Mike, VA   

I am thoroughly enjoying the honeycomb. It is delicious and has helped me with allergy issues. I will be ordering from you again when my supply has been depleted. Regards Christine, VA   

I wanted to give you an update of the 3 nucs and the 5 queens. In two words, very pleased. The nucs in particular are very strong with well-laying queens. The individual queens have been accepted and appear to be productive, too. I am going to try and get in the habit of getting replacements from you each year to keep the bee yards pure, or nearly pure Russian.Thank you. I hope that you have a good honey harvest. ~ Paul, NC  

I was encouraged to try Walter’s Wholesome Goods Natural Lip Balm on the advice of a co-worker. This is a good…not just good but GREAT lip balm that keeps my lips moisturized and prevents them from becoming chapped, especially in the middle of winter. I LOVE the hint of peppermint and I’m looking forward to trying other Walters’ products and will be placing my order TODAY! Highly recommend!!! Anjie Suggs, MD    

I have high hopes for this colony. They must have good survival genes because they have survived the winter and a requeening without being at full strength. And what I love about them is they are very gentle. Even when I had my head right down into the hive trying to see what was going on and messing with their new queen they barely bonked me at all. Of course it all depends on the new queen, doesn’t it? Hopefully she’ll be a good one. Thank You so much for introducing me to beekeeping. It is so interesting and rewarding. Can’t wait to get the nucs. ~ Jon, MD  

Just wanted to touch base with you. Originally I purchased 4 queens from you to replace/split some italians. I have learned so much! The main thing is that I no longer have mean bees. In the last two weeks with the last of the remaining Italians being phased out they have gone from lions to lambs. One month ago I counted 18 stingers on my gloves and hood during one trip. Today I worked them in a Tshirt and veil and only received one on the finger that was my fault.(pinched her, she didn’t mean nothing by it!). Your bees speak for your work. Thanks for everything. Especially making my hives calm, peaceful and fun to work. Respectfully ~ Joe, MD   

The honey is fantastic and I’m very impressed by the quality and variety of these products. They are all-natural and made with care – nothing is artificial. I highly recommend checking Walter’s Wholesome Goods out! ~ Mike Lazear, Owner: Mike Lazear   

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